Hello There! I am KreqHex, i am a

Sysadmin/ Developer

In my free time, I love gaming and delving into the world of technology.

Game server hosting, Website hosting, Programming and server management are my major passions.

Additionally, I create scripts, Software programs/applications, Discord bots, websites, and much more.

In short, I'm enthusiastic about everything related to technology!

Languages i speak are Dutch and English.

My Skills Current Projects Status page

My Skills

Windows Server
Microsoft Visual Studio Code
Adobe Photoshop
Cyber Security / Ethical hacking
Discord Bots
Game Server Development / Hosting
Virtual Machines
And much more...

Current Projects

Welcome to my portfolio, where I showcase my public projects.

(I also work on private projects, which I don't showcase on my website.)

Are you experiencing issues with any of my public projects?

Check out my status page where you can find notifications, maintenance updates, and server issues.

If there are no reported issues but you're still facing problems, feel free to contact me on discord.

My name on discord is KreqHex.


Sparkstad Roleplay

Discover Sparkstad - The Best FiveM Roleplay Server in the Netherlands!

As the proud owner and developer of Sparkstad, I invite you to experience the ultimate FiveM roleplay adventure.

Sparkstad is hosted on my own powerful server, ensuring a smooth and immersive gameplay.

Website Discord

Cfx.re Status Discord Bot

Monitor the status of all Cfx.re services with this monitoring bot.

The bot performs a health check every 60 seconds to ensure that the services are still operating smoothly.

This is accomplished using the APIs provided by Cfx.re.

If any service encounters issues, this bot will promptly notify you by displaying an orange or red circle in the embed. Additionally, the bot may send a message if Cfx experiences any problems.

Command to set up the monitoring: /addcfxmonitor

Invite bot


At NederGaming, I take on various roles:

As the Discord owner, I ensure a smooth and safe experience for all members, while also implementing new features and improvements.

I also serve as a moderator on NederGaming's social platforms, actively enforcing rules and promoting a positive community atmosphere.

Additionally, I leverage my technical knowledge to support NederGaming with various technical aspects and innovations.

Website Discord Youtube Twitch

More Comming Soon!

I am working on more projects.