Hi there! I'm Kreqhex. In my daily life, I work as a


In my free time, I love gaming and delving into the world of technology.
Programming and server management are my major passions.
I also help my friends and family with IT services.
Additionally, I create scripts, websites, Software programs/applications, Discord bots, and much more.
In short, I'm enthusiastic about everything related to technology!
Languages i speak are Dutch and English.

Public Projects

Welcome to my public projects.
(I also work on private projects that are not for public use.)
You can use all of my public projects for free.
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Are you experiencing issues with any of my public projects?
Check out my status page where you can find notifications, maintenance updates, and server issues.
If there are no reported issues but you're still facing problems, feel free to contact me.
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GambleBuddy Bonus Hunt Predictions Discord Bot

Are you a content creator or an enthusiastic gambler who often hosts bonus hunts? Try out GambleBuddy - the #1 casino Discord bot.
This bot fully automates the process of your bonus hunt, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the event.
To get started: /help
More information? checkout the documentation!

CardDonator Discord Bot

CardDonator is the go-to solution for receiving donations via gift cards on Discord.
This handy bot allows users to easily and securely accept donations in the form of gift cards.
Perfect for hobbyist, communities, streamers etc etc..
Go for convenience and reliability - Choose CardDonator for your Gift Card donation system!
To get started: /help
More information? checkout the documentation!

Cfx.re - Status Discord Bot

Monitor the status of all Cfx.re services with this monitoring bot.
The bot performs a health check every 60 seconds to ensure that the services are still operating smoothly.
If any service encounters issues, this bot will promptly notify you by displaying an orange or red circle in the embed.
Set up the monitoring: /addcfxmonitor
More information? checkout the documentation!

Contact me!

You can contact me by sending me a message on discord. (or fill in this form down below.)
My Discord : KreqHex#0001 or with the new username system just kreqhex.
I will respons at your message as soon as possible, please be patient.
Languages i speak are Dutch and English.


Would you like to leave a review about my public projects? Please contact me.

GambleBuddy Review:

KreqHex suggested NederGaming to automating his bonus hunt events and created the GambleBuddy bot. We now use it in the NederGaming Discord server, and it works perfectly! Highly recommend his work! (Its even public released!)

- Monstraw Art

Cfx.re - Status Review:

As the owner of Sparkstad, we are informed super quickly by the Cfx.re bot if there are problems with services of Cfx.re, thank you kreq!

- ColinC

GambleBuddy Review:

The GambleBuddy bot is a good and professional bot. Its easy to use and it helps a lot. Thank you so much!

- Rick

GambleBuddy Review:

KreqHex introduced the GambleBuddy bot to our NederGaming team. A great idea. We now use it in the Discord server and we really like it, thank you very much kreq!

- Peppi

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